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Overview of the Codex Team Vision with VIP Affiliates Jorge Bueno & MaryAnne Morcos


In Depth Karatbars Gold Product Training on How we're Superior to other Gold Bullion Bars


A conversation with "V" The Guerrilla Economist about WHY Karatbars Gold is the best Option


Karatbars Presentation for Busy Entrepreneurs. Comp Plan & Selecting your Business Package

We are Seeking Leaders to Help with the Expansion of this German Corporation into the United States!

The Codex Leadership Team WILL NOT INTERFERE with what you're already doing or promoting in business. In fact, our comprehensive entrepreneur training system represents a massive advantage for you. By learning these simple techniques you will gain an edge over your competition. You will become a more effective marketer as you learn how to Start, Fund, & Grow Your Business the correct way.

With the Codex Team Business Venture there will be NO Selling, NO Recruiting, NO Website Fees & NO Autoships. You DON'T have to change your friends' Buying Habits. You also DON'T have to invite strangers to your home for AWKWARD PITCHES disguised Challenges or Parties.  More importantly, you WON'T have to convince your Lazy Friends to Buy a Silly Product.

You are in the Right Place at the Right Time & with the Correct Leadership Team.

We DO NOT Promote any of these Products:

  • NO Health & Wellness
  • NO Nutritional Products
  • NO Coffee Products
  • NO Energy Drinks
  • NO Phone Apps
  • NO Bitcoin Gimmicks
  • NO Vitamin Sales
  • NO Shopping Portals
  • NO Cashback Programs
  • NO Weightloss Shakes
  • NO Phone Service
  • NO Postcard Sales
  • NO Food Products
  • NO Stock Market Software
  • NO Lead Systems Sales
  • NO Travel Business
  • NO Protein Shake Sales
  • NO Workout Programs
  • NO Product Autoship
  • NO Monthly Fees

What You'll Discover in these Training Sessions:

  • The Best Product at the BEST Time
    There is No Selling, No Recruiting, No Convincing Losers. We are NOT an MLM or a Network Marketing Thing. Our product has been in style for over 5000 years.  It is considered REAL MONEY by our Founding Fathers, Central Banks & Global Governments around the world.
  •   Get the Keys to Your Future
    Boost your Inner Game & go "Beast Mode" in Business. We have powerful training tools & processes to help you improve your Mental Wealth Foundation & Financial IQ.  You will become UNBLOCKED so that you can WIN. You'll be able to take care of your family financially, long term.
  •   Why Join Codex Team
    We have years of experience & will transfer the knowledge to you so you can step up your game in any business. We will give you thousands of dollars worth of Entrepreneur Training Workshops just for joining our team. You can even train with us & not participate on the business side.
  •   Access Premier LIVE Events & Bootcamps
    You will be first in line to attend our private  trainings on various topics. We will post webinar replays so you can learn on your own time. We will also lead Live Training Sessions and Mastermind Events. We will meet in person at The City Club Los Angeles & The California Yacht Club.

Meet Your Trainers in The Codex Leadership Team:

Jorge Bueno,

Business Start Up Trainer & Founder of The Business Codex Training System for Entrepreneurs. Commercial Real Estate Developer & Investor. Radio Show Host Teaching you HOW to RAISE CAPITAL.

  Mary Morcos,

The Original Urban Survival Chick, Firearms Instructor, Master of Physical Therapy for Military and Law Enforcement Rehab. Radio Show Host on Crime Prevention & Home & Office Protection.

V Guerrilla Economist,

"V the Guerrilla Economist" is a Radio Show Host who has worked for top Commodity Trading Firms & Investment Banks. He has contributed to private think tanks that help create investment policy.

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